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While field trips help all learners achieve life-changing outcomes

opportunities have only declined. that all learners can

access the benefits of field learning and return to school transformed.


We are guides, teachers, parents, and school leaders helping reverse this trend through learner agency, virtual field visits, and real-world trip resources...


We envision a new kind of field trip of, by, and for our students. Grounded in Montessori education going out theory and practice that has transformed education for over a century, we are on a mission to help students learn how to go beyond their classrooms, explore their interests, and return transformed. 


Whether conducting a field investigation, observing a process, interviewing a specialist, or providing a community service, our platform helps students learn how to answer their questions, network with adults and peers, and lead the way to greater independence, knowledge, skills, and awareness of themselves and others.


My Field Trip is piloting our platform with a small cohort of public and independent schools. We are incubating other solutions including a customizable platform and branding for schools, virtual field studies, and resources for classrooms that prefer low-tech options for field trips and goings out.


"What we to revise the idea of [education] by bringing the world itself to the children."

Dr. Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence 




My Field Trip is proud to work with UIOPS,

a full-stack development team specializing in mobile and web application development services. 

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