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The Going Out Backpack

A flurry of activity precedes every going out. Students move hither and thither, packing up maps, paper, pencils, research question cards, snacks, water bottles, and first aid gear. At times they realize their directions are amiss, so they prolong their departure to check them while excitedly chanting the route they will take. Anticipating a going out is at least half the fun of the actual experience, it seems.

How can we help build anticipation and excitement for every going out while ensuring students are just as prepared to leave the classroom as they are to work within it?

We've taken cues from Montessori Guides who have developed their own class going out backpacks. A collection of essentials stored in one common bag not only provides a visual cue that going out is an accessible extension of classroom work but also serves as a practical resource that students can build upon and customize for their unique trips.

In my classroom, students are building on this base of resources:

Before going out, they are responsible for stocking it with their trip essentials. When they return, they need to ensure they leave our communal backpack just as or better than they found it, ready for the next group to use.

Please, do share...What's in your (going out) bag? What would you add to your ideal class going out backpack?

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